Use Linkedin ‘like a boss’ and get the so wanted industry job!

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Take a deep breath, put everything aside for a moment, isolate yourself from any distractions and follow my thoughts.

Imagine you’re a recruiter who is seeking talented minds for his company or client. We all know, once a job advert is posted, dozens of applications will be submitted, especially when the position requires small experience. Wouldn’t be a relief for the recruiter to know already few potential candidates and contact them once a vacancy is available? Exactly, it would be a relief. So your strategy should be to become one of the few candidates the recruiter has in his mind. And the obvious question is how are you going to do that?

Linkedin is the global business platform. Professionals share their employment history, education, business interests and many times give advice to rookies who would like to join a particular industry.  The rookie in our case is you! Prerequisite to get noticed by anybody is to have a complete and up to date online profile (read the relevant MindThePhD article). When this is done, follow the group page of your company of interest. In addition, search in this group the Human Resources (HR) managers and send them a polite ‘InMail’ describing your current situation and you are keen to email your resume in case an opportunity arises in the near future. Some of them might even become your Linkedin contacts and trust me, this will be handy for your job hunting.

Getting hired by the top notch companies might prove hard, especially when your experience in this field is small or inexistent. Therefore you might need to target smaller companies which will give you the important 1-2 years of experience. One way to find these companies is by reading the employment history of established professionals in the particular business area. You will be surprised to notice that there is a tendency from some companies to hire less experienced professionals. Obviously, the salaries might be lower but that shouldn’t discourage you as the experience from a small company opens the gates of the big firms!

Finally, using Linkedin you can comment on specific articles, criticize and even get noticed by personnel from large corporates. Although they are not the HR managers, they might be eager to give you some sort of guidance and even keep your profile for future reference. It is true that many multinational companies  firstly advertize their vacancies in-house and then promote them online, making it even harder for someone to get his resume noticed without any contacts.

Feel free to comment and share your experience from your job hunting so far.

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