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CV for application jobTransforming your profile from a scientific researcher to a self-motivated manager or consultant is not easy. Especially, if you are doing research for years or if you are focused on the technical side of your profession. Now is the time to point out the transferable skills that

everyone is talking about and is one of the very first workshops you attended at the University.

By definition, transferable skills are knowledge/attitude that you have acquired from work, seminars or social activities and help you to collaborate or achieve with others specific goals. So, transferable skills require the presence of at least one more person to have meaning otherwise you don’t really practice them.

Let’s try now and identify the transferable skills that you may have gained from your PhD project:

  • Have you ever had to train undergraduate students?
  • Are you responsible for ordering lab consumables?
  • Do you interact with company representatives or potential collaborators?
  • Do you take initiative to design experiments and make long-term plans?
  • Are you presenting your results or scientific papers in lab meetings?
  • Are you participating in postgraduate committees?

If you answered yes in most of the above questions then I would say your CV can be easily transformed to the industrial profile. If you answered no in most of the above questions then I would recommend start getting more involved!

So, when you are applying for a job remember next time to include the appropriate ‘buzz’ words in the section ‘SKILLS’:

-Team Management (‘train undergraduate students’)

-Lab Management (‘ordering lab consumables’)

-Public Relations (‘interact with company reps or other researchers’)

-Strategic planning (‘make long-term plans’)

-Data Analysis and Evaluation (‘present your results or scientific papers’)

-Events-Activities Planning (‘committee member’)


All these fine adjustments will give a serious boost in the look of your CV and will also show to your future boss that you know your strengths and you are not just one more PhD graduate!!!


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