Battle of the Degrees – is PhD the winner?

Posted by | February 1, 2016 | Industry

Degree fightAbout 15 years ago getting a master degree was something outstanding. Suddenly, you would become the ‘smartest’ among your friends and a promising career in a prestigious company was not a far-fetched dream. Nowadays, things have changed. Master degree is something that most companies expect you to have. Therefore, employers are going one step further looking for candidates that have this extra kick on their CV which is called PhD. And if you also have some working experience, then buckle up tight as you will land on the CEO’s chair.

Wait a minute! Wait, wait! Is it really that straight forward? Of course it’s not. For the last couple of months I keep bumping into job adverts which I find rather interesting. I am saying interesting because at the Degree section they post BSc/MSc/PhD.  What does this mean? What are they looking for?

– I have a BSc with 2 years experience should I apply?

– I have a PhD with 3 months experience, should I apply?

– I have an MSc and no experience, where do I stand?

And the answer is no one has a clue of what the company is looking for. Somebody with PhD and experience would ask for the maximum salary offered. Similarly, an experienced BSc holder would ask the same. Who has more chances? Who?

It is true, the Job Market has realised that there are many PhD graduates out there. But if you could have a PhD qualified employee for the price of BSc, which one would you choose? Do they both have the same ambitions? Who is more likely to stay longer in the company? Who has more chances to find another opportunity in the near future?

These are some of the questions that will define who gets the job and who doesn’t when the call is too close. Experience dictates that candidates with average degrees and more experience are keener to secure a job compared to candidates with advanced degrees.

However, the rules are slowly changing. Employers are seriously investing time to add some higher degrees on their company’s profile. Especially now that the market is oversaturated with PhD graduates and they are willing to go for the minimum salary in order to get this invaluable first job experience!

We all know how hard is to get a PhD, we all know you have the skills it takes, we all know that you worth it! Do not undersell yourself and you will find the right job sooner or later!

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