25 interview-questions you need to know!

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Competing for one position.From personal experiences and a lot of research I put together the most common questions that a PhD graduate will be asked when he attends an industry-related interview.

At the beginning there will be questions regarding the history of the company, the position profile and the reasons you applied for that particular job. Questions regarding your strengths and skills will follow up.

1)      Where did you hear about us?

2)      What do you know about our company’s role, size and the services we provide?

3)      Where do you see yourself in five years time?

4)      Why did you apply for this particular position?

5)      Are you aware of the duties you will have in this post?

6)      How would your colleagues describe you?

7)      What are your strengths and weaknesses?

8)      How do you prioritize tasks? Give me an example

9)      Can you deal with tight deadlines? If yes, give an example from previous experience!

10)   Have you ever worked in a team?

11)   Have ever had to lead a team? Do you have a specific example?

12)   How do you manage time and your daily projects?

13)   Why do you want to leave University?

14)   Why you don’t want to continue in Research any more? (VERY IMPORTANT)

15)   Are you confident that you wouldn’t want to go back to Research?

16)   What do you think are the main differences between Academia and Industry?

17)   Give an example where you had to argue a point and convince your audience?

18)   Describe a time when your work was criticized!

19)   Did you ever have to give a presentation in front of a group of people?

20)   Give an example when you had to work under pressure! And how did you deal with it?

21)   Was there a time where you couldn’t get on well with others?

22)   Have you ever had to handle multiple tasks to meet deadlines? What did you find most challenging?

23)   What is your salary expectation?

24)   Are you currently applying for other positions?

25)   Would you be interested in changing posts in our company? Thanks for your time and we ll get back to you shortly ;-) Be prepared for these questions before you go to an interview as you will be asked for some or most of them!

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  1. Comment made by Egon on Apr 24th 2014 at 5:33 pm: Reply

    Great list! I would just add a few more questions:
    1) How would you take a NO as an answer? Give me an example.
    2) How would you feel if your project/the project you have been working on was to be terminated?
    3) Will you be willing to relocate?

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